Welcome to Phakamani Impact Capital

Phakamani specialises in providing finance and hands-on business support to SMEs, especially those that operate in secondary towns and rural areas. We help corporations to sustainably and cost effectively invest in black-owned enterprises within their supply chains and the communities in which they operate. We help to create, and raise funding for, new businesses - especially in the agriculture sector. Phakamani is a level 2 B-BBEE contributor.

Supporting social, regulatory and licence obligations

We understand that corporations have a range of obligations to the society in which they operate. We help you to develop tailored and flexible solutions to support the transformation of your supply chain and the upliftment of your communities.

Implementing sustainable lending programmes

We devise and implement SME lending programmes that have a high benefit to cost ratio, which maximise the finite resources of our clients and uphold commercial principles.

Driving and measuring results

We actively seek financially sustainable and job creating investments. We measure our achievement against these objectives, along with other client and context-specific success measures.

Raising funds

We have developed an investment model that reduces the risk of directing funds toward the growth and development of SMEs, which gives our investors comfort that their capital will be deployed sustainably.