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Entrepreneurs Trained

4 861

Funds Approved


People Employed

10 412

Transactions Approved

1 340

Are you struggling to find good small businesses to

And the businesses you’ve helped are still not up to scratch?

Do you feel like your ESD programme is stumbling along?

And your boss is demanding results?

Are your suppliers running out of cash before they’ve finished the contract?

And then your client gets frustrated because the project is delayed?

Do you find yourself scrambling to compile your BEE “portfolio of evidence”?

And then your verification agent turns around and says it’s not good enough?

You’ve got veterans of small business

  • Our team has successfully helped hundreds of small businesses. We employ our staff from your community – so we find the right SMEs, and they get funded. Fast.

You have a
nimble partner

  • We ramp up quickly and get your ESD programme humming. So you’ll meet your targets and get recognised.

You’ve got a team that gets supply risk

  • We turn around supply chain finance quickly, and we proactively manage delivery risk.

You can simplify your BEE reporting

  • Our BEE verification reporting is universally accepted. So you get the BEE rating you deserve, and you don’t need to break a sweat.

Contact us now, for a judgement-free conversation about transforming your ESD programme.